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Underweight pup, considering raw, please help!


If you've read any of my other posts you probably know I've had quite a few health issues with my pup. I'm currently working with my vet to figure things out, and he's talking with specialists at the closest university.

I have a 7 month old male that weighs 36lbs, possibly 37 as his last weigh in was last week. He's never eaten with a lot of gusto. The only times that's happened was the first day we got him and last weekend when he got a wild rabbit. He was quite excited to have it, protected it and consumed it in pretty good time.

He seems to react to something in the food he gets, we've switched a couple of times in hopes it would fix him but so far he still has diarrhea and itches a LOT. That coupled with the fact that he doesn't play as much as he should, often times he's lethargic and from a flexion test, his hips aren't so great either. So, I'm starting to wonder if raw could be the way to go for him. I'm not going to make any rash decisions. Right now I'm trying to give him a couple weeks on TOTW puppy to see if his poops might regulate...he's had loose stools constantly with periodic normal ones all the time we've had him.

I think there's probably an underlying issue, which is why we're working with the vet but when things are sorted out, I feel that raw could possibly be a good thing for him.

In your experience, has switching to raw drastically improved some of the symptoms I've listed above?
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