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Some new puppy questions


We are feeling quite overwhelmed...from what I've been reading, it sounds pretty normal

Just curious other's experiences on when they start sleeping through the night (and how many hours you consider sleeping through the night), as well as biting and house training. She is 10 weeks old now.

It's difficult when she's constantly getting into things. She seems to need to pee constantly - sometimes every 20 minutes. Is this pretty typical? We take her out often, she bites when she has to pee/poop, but she still has one accident or so a day still.

How often do you crate your puppy a day? I've read 3-4 hours max at this age...we only do it in the early morning after she has gone out again, to try to get some sleep, as well as lately, when she needs a nap, but can't settle (and bites everything and everyone instead

When does it start getting a bit easier? Yes, we train and exercise her. She already knows come, sit, down, and is starting to learn find it, leave it, drop, crate. She has had her first obedience class as well.
We do have a 9 year-old, but he was 6 months when we got we missed some of this, although he was untrained and had other issues and chewed everything...he slept through the night and was house trained. He knows quite a few words, knows the spellings even of quite a few words, and we can teach him something in 1-3 days. We worked with him a lot when we rescued him, we understand the importance of early training

Thanks, this forum is so helpful!
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