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Recent loss (HS)/ Dog who doesn't like affection

I have multiple things to write about, so instead of making multiple threads, I will write them all here. This will be long so feel free to skim if you only want to get to my question.

On Sunday we had to make the decision to put Dakota to sleep. Even though he was 10 years old it was a complete shock. He had been doing so well (history of epilepsy and hip dysplasia) and we thought he had at least a year left with us. On Saturday he began acting strangely, crying a little bit and licking his lips. In the past he had licked his lips (nervous habit) so we didn't think much of it. Very early Sunday the crying got worse and I realize he was having pain when he was trying to turn off of his side (he laid on his side frequently). I assessed his body and thought he hurt his front leg. In the past he pulled a muscle and acted similar- not wanted to get up for anything.

We didn't think it was a true emergency and we were up north where in order to see a vet on Sunday's, you must have a true emergency. We were going down state so we decided to take him to the e-vet there. However when we got there he was significantly weaker (but we still thought it was just his leg). We were told that it wasn't his leg and after blood work and Xray we were informed he had 2 masses and internal bleeding. One was on his spleen, leading them to suspect hemangiosarcoma. The other mass was hard to tell if it was on his liver or in his fat tissue. At this point he was very weak. We made the difficult decision to say goodbye to him then because his chance of long term/ good quality of life survival was very slim.

This was the hardest things to do because he had no signs of being ill (common with HS). He was the smartest dog I will probably ever have and will be missed and remembered forever.

With all that said, I am reminded of how quick we can lose our loved ones. I am trying to make every day great for my dogs, so in the event that they pass unexpectedly, their last day was the best it could have been. However, Ditto does not like many things. She does not like affection unless 1) I just came home or 2) I just woke up. She loves affection from strangers. If I try to rub her belly, hug her, or even pet her for more than a few seconds she walks away. She enjoys going for a walk, but the one things she truly loves is to play fetch. It is to the point where she will cry all day if we aren't playing fetch. We can't possibly play fetch all day.

So if I take her for a long walk and play fetch with her, there is still a lot of her day that she is laying on the couch depressed/crying. She does not do well with strange dogs, so any group events/classes are out of the question. Any ideas of what else I can do for her? My other dogs enjoy playing with other toys, getting affection, and cuddling. She knows quite a few commands, but I can work on more with her.

Ditto GSD- 6 years old
Daisy Alaskan Husky- 4 years old
Weegee Toy Poodle- 2 years old

Always loved, missed, and remembered:

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