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Sorry, you CAN'T use bone meal or calcium supplements to replace the bone in the raw diet.

Bones do not just provide calcium, but a host of other important minerals and nutrients, all in the right ratios, needed in order for the body to utilize calcium appropriately. The marrow in the bone is a very important source of nutrition also, which is lost when bone meal is used. I think most available bone meal is made from cooked bones, so not as bio-available as eating regular bones.

I remember the worry I had about feeding raw bones to my dog when I started raw. No matter how much I read or heard that chicken bones are soft enough to not cause issues, get pulverized and digested . . . well, you still worry. So I did an experiment to find out just how 'soft' the bones were.

I decided to try and chomp down on a raw chicken bone to see for myself! I took a thigh bone, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and CHOMP!!! Surprise! I bit down waaaaay too hard expecting the bone to be hard! It was like biting down on a crisp cracker, and the bone broke into a lot of small pieces, like a cracker would. It was true! Raw chicken bones are soft, they crush and don't splinter. (spit spit spit!)

I'm not sure what to suggest for Zeeva and her GI issues with raw? Maybe try introducing it more gradually. It is normal for a dog not used to raw to have runny poops for the first few days. Maybe you can try just doing raw for a few days to let Zeeva's system get used to it. I would stick to chicken, no Organ meats for the first few days in order not to introduce too much variety at first.


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