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Is my puppy aggressive?

Good morning everyone!

I have a 10 week old GSD named Cooper. I'm having a dilemma trying to figure out it my pup's behavior is normal for its age or is something I should start rectifying immediately.

I understand my pup and the breed and have seen comical answers to questions like "My shepherd doesn't like to be held" and responses like Duh! He's a GSD, but at different times I've had to grab him by the scruff or hold him like a baby and my concern is that when either of those things are done he shows his teeth and growls.

I'm new to GSDs and have only had labs in the past. Is this a sign of aggression or just my pups way of figuring out the world.

I've interacted with his mom and dad and both were energetic and friendly.

I'm just wondering if this is normal or something that needs to be corrected?
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