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Ball possessive without any aggression?

Ok, so Breagha is 18mths old and ball mad. I have two dogs and both love to play with the ball but Breagha has flat out refused to bring the ball back from day one. It got so bad she would run in to the sea with it because she knows I won't go in after her.
I've been working hard on various different behavioural 'quirks' she has and the ball has played a huge part in it so I don't want to stop her playing with it. She doesn't have free access to the ball in the house, she only gets it on walks. The work has paid off and now when there are no other dogs around she'll bring me the ball back to me. If our other dog is there and he takes the ball she just takes it straight back out his mouth. He's incredibly laid back about life. If there are strange dogs about she would be aggressive with them over the ball but she's dog reactive so doesn't mix with strange dogs.

I am confident she wouldn't be aggressive with us over the ball, but she is still possessive and I really want to get this sorted. The research I've done on resource guarding and ball possession all talk about aggresion. She seems to accept I will get it eventually but wants to keep it from me for as long as possible. She has never growled, snarled or guarded over any food or toy.

I'm not sure this makes sense. Basically she's possessive without being aggressive and I don't know what to do about it.

Anyone any ideas?

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