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possible fecal incontinence

I hope this post doesn't offend anyone, as it is kind of unpleasant. Last night, as we were watching TV, all of a sudden there was poo in the middle of the living room. We are quite sure it was Heidi's. Heidi has, of course, been totally housetrained since she was a puppy. She is 12 now. Seemed weird that we didn't notice it as it was occurring. I took the responsibility because I hadn't put her outside in quite a while, although our dogs ALWAYS let us know if they have to go out. Cleaned it up and thought no more about it. This morning, after she had been outside as always (about 30 mins. prior), again poo in the living room, again sure it is Heidi's. The poo is solid, not runny or soft suggesting illness or that she couldn't hold it. One thing I have noticed but didn't pay much attention to is that when we go for walks and she poos, it just kind of falls out, not much getting in the position. So, what should I make of this? Can't believe Heidi would do this on purpose, yet it doesn't look like a diarrhea situation. Is there something I can do about this? I didn't react, just cleaned it up.
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