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Help Needed. Ehrlichiosis

Hi Guys,

I am very worried about my 4 years old german shepherd.
He was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis a week ago. Blood tests were done with his white blood cells count almost zero. He was ehrlichiosis positive.
He is very very weak , barely standing on his legs. He is taking doxycycline 2 times per day 200 mg. Total 400 mg per day. He is 42 kg.
So after 4 days on doxy there was no improvement and 2 days ago his left paw was swollen. I called the vet and he told me that whatever it is , it will be ok because of the doxy that he is already taking. Anyway the next day his opposite leg got swollen all the way from the shoulder to the paw. This morning he was not well at all and I took him immediatelly to the vet again. We made blood tests and they showed no improvement in the blood counts. Again the white cells were almost 0 and the red very low. He made him an injection and also reduced the doxy to 200mg per day and gave me also Cefalexin to take it together with the doxycycline.
Also told me that it is a mirracle he is still alive with those blood counts and that if he makes it through the weekend he will live.
By the way I forgot to tell you that he is drinking too much water and urinating a lot as well. The vet told me his kidneys are Ok. Also there is no diarhea and there is no vomiting. Right now he is eating only raw meat because this is the only thing he accepts.
Anyone has an experience with this terrible disease. I want to know because as I can read in the net most of the dogs respond to the therapy within 24-48 hours. Why mine is not responding. Also today he made a test for Lyme disease and also Babiosis and both tests are negative.
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