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Originally Posted by LoveEcho View Post
With how common dog theft is today, I would be very, very put off by someone asking to walk my dog. They offered to take your card to be polite. I don't really think there is any way someone could approach me about walking my dogs that would make me feel comfortable. Let the people who need and want dog walkers come to you.

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I agree. Dog theft is a serious problem now and unless I know you really well and trust you 120%, it's just not going to happen unless you're a legit business with positive referrals and insured and bonded. I used to walk and play with the neighbors dog(s) as a kid but dog theft wasn't a problem and the owners knew my parents really well. Mind you, I'm 27 so I'm not as old and that last sentence made me sound, but still.

Those who do allow you to walk their dogs currently, why don't you ask them if they'd be willing to write letters of recommendation for you to keep on hand. Also, tip, never forget to carry business cards with you. If I had been in his position, I'd have said no as well because it's a little fishy.
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