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Default Peeing problem...

Ok I'll try to explain this as easily as possible. My wife and I moved in with her parents until June when we close on our first new house(yay!) anyways, her parents have a 3 story house which of course our room is top story, so I have to take the two dogs all the way to the bottom every morning to go outside to potty. No problem for Sage (1.75yrs) but Ryker the 18week old, as soon as we hit the last flight of stairs that lead straight outside he starts peeing. All. The. Way. Down.
It doesn't matter if I ignore it or yell ah-ah!!! He will still do it morning after morning. Then I started carrying him the last few days, which is getting harder and harder to carry him 3 stories since he is already 46lbs, it worked fine the first two days but now he just pees on me as I'm carrying him down the last flight of stairs..... HELP PLEASE!

What do I do? How do I train this out of him? I treat and praise him every time he goes outside. And he rarely has any accidents inside.

Thank you.
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