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Best way to ask to walk someone's dog

Hello, one of my favorite hobby is to walk other people's dogs. So made business cards to obtain more dogs to walk and hopefully some strong and big ones. I hand out the cards to people letting them know I can walk their dogs. Some peoples dogs i can walk whenever i want. Need to have more of that. I think if more people experience me walking their dogs in one peace like most of the time I can get more "walking dogs whenever I want".

Today I was at the dog park met a gorgeous import Germany German shepherd West lines. We were playing for 1/2-45 minutes! He is so awesome I asked the owner politely if we can get to know each other more. He asked for a card, unfortunately I forgot mine and the ones at the bulletin board were out. The last one at the bulletin board I gave it to somebody else with another GS who I see once in a while. Instead, I asked for a number exchange which he said, "I rather not". I am really eager to walk and get to know more of this cool long hair GS. We had a really wild fun time playing. How can I convince more people to walk or exchange numbers in a way that would be comfortable? I did my best, but went a little too fast. Somethings never change...
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