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Hi Everyone.

I am the owner of a female purebred German Shepherd who goes by the name of Sadie.

Firstly, a bit about me.
Ive only ever had German Shepherds, my parents got one just after I was born, and are now onto their third shepherd, and first male, an 18 month old short hair, who they got as a pup and is a very large dog. They have all been pets, none bred with and all very well behaved, although due to them having more time Jethro is better socialised than the previous dogs.

For me, when I was in the position to get a dog, a shepherd was a no brainer, and this leads me to Sadie.

She is 4 years old, and has been with me and my wife for around 4 months.
She has basic obedience and good house training, and loves being around people as the previous owner took her to work with him nearly every day. Other days my understanding is that she had run of the house.
We adopted her as she is unable to be used as a breeding bitch, and so she was the perfect pet for us. She also happened to be from a highly awarded kennel and highly awarded parents in Australia.
However, my understanding of the previous owner, is that he was very firm with her, mostly too firm form what ive been told, quite loud when she behaved incorrectly. My understanding has always been that this is the incorrect way to treat and train a dog. In saying that, she is very well trained. She has all the basic obedience commands down pat, including a halt command when we are walking, which makes her sit next to us at the side of a road, waiting for the lights to change. The only command she is struggling with is the recall. She is getting better, but struggles when there are distractions. We are working on it.

We also have a cat, and with only a short amount of training we have managed to get them to be sociable with each other. Which is a great outcome.

I have some behaviour specific questions to ask, but will do that in the correct forum.

Most importantly, the pictures. This is Sadie, and in the picture with the two dogs, the one at the back is Jethro who belongs to my parents.




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