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First I want to say that only you can decide when the right time is, but I have a girl in almost exactly the same situation, except she does not have anal fistulas and is not either bowel or bladder incontinent. Here is my criteria (I've had shepherds all my life and have made this decision many times): As long as she can eat, drink, walk on her own to potty, and can enjoy an hour of "ball time" (ball time now is just being able to have the ball rolled to her on the floor), I defer the decision to another day. It is especially hard, when they are there in the head and their body fails them. They are such proud animals and the whole incontinence issue is so difficult for them. I would also think, but have never had a dog with them so don't know for sure, that the fistulas are painful. When the time comes, can you have your vet come to the house? It is SO MUCH better for them. I also plan to orally and IV sedate my Seragirl first. It's so hard. I've been getting myself ready for quite a while as she declines, but it's still hard for me to even write about it. And even tho it's SO sad, we have to do it. For them. Stay strong. What's your boy's name?

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