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Should I put my Shepherd down now or wait?

I am so sad. My 9 year old German shepherd has DM and anal fistulas. He is getting worse and worse every day. He almost always crosses his hind legs while walking, he sways and falls when turning. He is having a harder time getting up and down as well. He is having a hard time holding back his bowel movements too. I don't know if it's time to put him down or not and all of this breaks my heart. He still looks alert and happy and wants to run and play buy can no longer do that. He has always been an indoor dog but now we have to keep him outside most of the day in case a bowel movement happens because me and my husband both work and aren't home. Can someone please give me some advice. Should I wait longer or should he be put down. When is the right time? With my cats it was easy for me to decide because they both lost so much weight and they looked so sad all the time. They started to hide away from everyone as well. My dog however doesn't seem sad etc. Despite his problems he still seems happy. I don't want him to suffer and do not know what to do. Someone please help me.
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