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My dad thinks I will break a leg. Springer question....

Dinozzo behaves much better for me than he does my dad. Thus, I think this is part of the reason he thinks I am just going to end up falling and hurting myself because of Dinozzo. And heck I know anything is possible.

He is decent on the leash for me. Every once in awhile he will start to pull lightly to a mailbox post but a few quick light pops of the prong and he falls right back into place. Sometimes I don't think I even really need the prong anymore.

The only real concern is other dogs. I finally had him not barking/pulling when he saw other dogs. He would still get excited but didn't react. Recently we got charged by a couple loose dogs on different occasions. So now he is back to barking and pulling some. He usually stops after they walk past us.

I just bought a new bike on Monday and for the first time in 17 years finally rode one again. I took Dinozzo out with the leash and prong. We started out with just him walking along side it. Then I actually started riding with him on his leash/prong.

We went at a slow trot and he kept pace. He started to pull every now and then but just a couple light corrections and he would fall right back into place. Only had to do that a couple times and for the majority of the time he ran really nice along side it. I saw a lady up ahead with her dog so I stopped where we were and got of the bike & waited till they passed. He did start barking and pulling some again but it wasn't till after I had the bike stopped.

My question is how much more control do you feel you have with a springer attachment vs just having them run along side with the leash? I already ordered my springer, but am wondering if I should still work on leash walking more before I use the springer.

Side note: He is going to be 8 mo in a week. I only plan to go up and down a few blocks a couple times at a slow pace. It will be under a mile and at a slow pace. Eventually once he gets older we will be biking in the parks and I will be stopping throughout the trails to take nature pictures.

Thanks all

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