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Being Harassed 24/7 by my neighbor, should I just move?

I moved April 1st into an apartment. I am surrounded by elderly and disabled people. My rent is according to my income and the prices are good. This is a large apartment and I like it a lot.

When something is too good to be true, it IS too good to be true.

I have a woman and man, either in the apartment beside or to the back of me, constantly harassing me 24/7. The woman says she does not want me here, and that is the reason for the harassment.

Her and the man move when I move. When I go to the bathroom, I hear footsteps and a door close and they talk about me in the bathroom. When I turn the tv on and turn the tv up, or when my central air comes on, they talk LOUDER.

What they do is talk about me. As I type this, the man just said, "That stupid girl in there." The woman and the man repeat the same insults over and over again. They call me, "nasty", "stupid", and talk about the tv shows I watch. They also talk about the furniture they saw as it was carried into the apartment. They also talk about my clothes, saying I wear the same thing everyday and stuff like that.

I know they are talking about me, because 1. They use my FULL name. They sometimes say "Insert name" is "blank blank blank". Also, I made the mistake of saying something back one day. I said something about the woman, and the man said something and I said "who" and he said "you."

I like this apartment and I haven't "broken down" yet. However, battling this day after day is wearing me down.

I told the landlord and she refused to investigate, saying I'm surrounded by old women. What she doesn't know or doesn't understand is people live with these elderly people all the time and just don't tell the landlord. The man isn't supposed to be living there but is.

So what should I do? Should I just move back in with my parents? The landlord isn't taking my side at all. I can't seem to get a recording of this because my microphone on my digital camera can't pick it up through the wall and they're quiet as a mouse when someone comes over.

What should I do?
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