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E-Collar on a pregnant female?

I just purchased the Mini Educator (Einstein) ET-302TS for my dogs. My mother and I are thinking my female may be pregnant. My boy got a hold of her 1 time during her last heat, and I hoped since he is a Cryptorchid, that he hadn't impregnated her. Well she is gaining weight around her stomach and her nipples have gotten quite large, she has also become aggressive towards my mother's female. My question is if I can still use the E-Collar. I normally do a command-nick method. I keep the setting on 10 (out of 100 levels) and will just 10 levels (remote has a jump feature) whenever she gets highly distracted. I can't feel level 10 on my own skin, nor can my mother. So I'm just wondering if it is safe. We will find out Thursday morning, whether she is pregnant or not.

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