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Kilo is from working lines. Scenting games sound very promising. One of the ways I can distract him for at least a bit is to stick some treats in his kong toy and let him play with it until he gets them all out.

No, my husband and I are both trying the "I'm ignoring you" approach and then praising him for good behavior when he settles down. Unfortunately he just ends up nipping harder, biting pants or appendages. When he gets to be too much I calmly grab a little treat and tell him it's "time for bed and crate him. For example a little while ago he honed in on my ponytail and kept pulling and yanking at it, . As soon as I got it free he was lunging at it again, this was because he kept trying to get up on the couch to jump after the cat and I kept telling him no.

My husband and I are trying hard to ignore the nipping but we're worried about family coming over and him hurting someone else who isn't used to it.
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