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Originally Posted by placeshifter View Post
I just read an article from a Vet who writes that GS pups (mine is 9 weeks old) should not run, should not slide on slipper wooden floors, should not go up and down stairs, and should never jump.

I'm kind of horrified because I've been letting her dart around and run while we play with a soccer ball on the grass, run to me from a short distance when I call "COME", and my floors are wooden (so she slips when she's running around excited. Additionally, I was a little terrified when she jumped off a small ledge onto concrete once when I wasn't looking.

What exactly can we do with them? Just walk around the grass over and over again?
I was kinda worried my self because my boy loves to run and jump. The vet said he is ok going up the stairs and down if you help him so he doesn't jump down them. I also wanted to start running with my boy, but for now, just walks. Sometimes, puppies just jump on their own or run. But as long as your not making the run or jump, then you really can't stop them in full puppy mode. Just keep a close eye on him, make sure he doesn't do it much. The vet said it has to do with joints and the growth plates, so you don't want hard forces on them.

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