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Crate training and going potty

I have had my boy for a few days now and he is really catching on quickly to crate training and potty training. He is consistently going outside when I take him out, which usually isn't based on a time but based on when he eats/wakes up from a nap. I have also been working on crate training him which is going well, but I have a question related to that.

The first few nights in his crate he was less than pleased with that situation. I have a full sized crate for him, and I have his blanket on one end and puppy pads on the other. After the first two nights of extremely howling, he is now ok with the crate and will stay in there without whining crying and will go in there to lay down when he so pleases. I have been leaving him in the crate all night, between 7-8 hours because I do not want to train him to go out in the middle of the night. As expected, he has been peeing once in the crate at night, and always on the puppy pads - never on his blanket. Today I caught him run into his crate and try to pee on the puppy pad (luckily I got there in time and got him outside), and it made me think that maybe I am training him that peeing inside is ok by not taking him out at night? Is it ok to leave him in the crate for the whole night? Or will this teach him bad habits?
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