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2/yo GSD suddenly attacks our other dog?

Our two year old GSD Lilly is the most gentle dog I have ever owned. She is a pretty big girl at around 100 lbs but very health. Yesterday I get a call from my in-laws where the dogs are staying. They said that Lilly violently attacked our other dog a 6 year old GS/Husky mix that is half her size. They have been around each other for 2 years and never shown any aggression.

I checked out our other dog and he shows some wet fur from saliva but no bites at all that I can see. And he is half the size so she could have easily bit him. They claim it happened out of no where. Lilly had been with my mother in law laying down watching her work in the yard all day as usual. I just can't figure it out. Maybe my mother in-law missed some rough playing that lead up to this event or something? Any ideas? They both stay outside now instead of inside like they did before we got out of the military as we currently have no room to keep them in doors.

Both are due for a rabies vaccination as well and roam on a huge farm during the day but we have not see any signs of either of them being bitten. Just keeping it in mind as worst case scenario. Now my in-laws are scared there is something wrong with Lilly and refuse to let her out of her kennel (big enough to walk around plenty) until there is an explanation. Any help?!?
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