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Here's some of my favorites from my reading list:
"The Other End of the Leash" by Patricia McConnell
"The Culture Clash" by Jean Donaldson
"How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves" by Sophia Yin

There are also a couple really great Youtube channels that go over positive reinforcement and dealing with puppy behaviors:
Training Positive -
Kikopup -

1) I would limit stars, especially when young. It coul put some stress on the joints, but I would be more worried about a clumsy pup falling down the stairs and hurting itself. I would babygate the bottom of the stairs and only let the pup on the second level if you carry them up and they stay tethered to you on a leash.

2) I would crate next to the bed and carry the pup. It lets you catch accidents before they happen if the pup gets up and whines, and the pup will settle better in the crate if it sleeps close to you.

3) KONG first off. Stuffable food toy that is very versatile. Can be stuffed with room temperature things such as dry food/biscuits and peanut butter, frozen with pretty much anything (peanut butter, wet food, unsweetened greek yogurt, unsweetened apple sauce, cottage cheese, etc.) or it can be stuffed with a bit of kibble and cheese and microblasted into a sticky mess inside for a long lasting treat (just make sure it cools off before you give it to the pup!).

Nylabones are pretty good chews, as are split deer antlers, raw bones, and bully sticks.

I like braided fleece tugs as they stand up to some pretty rough play and are cheap and easy to make out of store-bought fleece, and old fleece blanket or a t-shirt.

Good luck and post pics of your pup when you get it!
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