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Skin Cancer? Can someone give me an opinion


My mother lives in a rural zone of Colombia (south America), the medical attention, treatment and technology is limited.

Her 6 years old GSD has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The diagnosed is base on observation, a basic blood test, basic skin test and development of the sickness.

At the beginning was treated for fungus, and skin infection, but after several months, almost 1 year and ˝ the doctor said that it is definitely Cancer.

I have the blood test and everything seems normal (I am not a doctor, just checking the normal average vs the result in the paper)

Anyway here are the pictures of the dog, please be aware that can be hard to see, do not open this if you are too sensible:

She is very active, runs during the day, eats well and play with other dogs. My mother is waiting until her behavior change before considering an euthanasia.

I am not there with her, I live in the other side of the world in Australia

Any comment or help would be incredible appreciated.
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