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Looking for some Guidance and Books to Read!

Hey All,

I am getting a German Shepherd in a month. I want to make sure that I give the little guy the best training I can, and enforce good behavior and good habits.

I was hoping that you all could recommend articles and books to read for training and good behavior. I have read a ton all over the place, but I want to read more to make sure I know what I am doing.

Also, I have a few questions:
1) Is it bad to have puppies go up stairs, and occasionally downstairs? As they grow is it bad for their hips to use the stairs?

2) If I crate the dog next to my bed, I'm on the fourth floor of a victorian house. If I let it out to use the bathroom, I would have to carry it downstairs and put it outside. Would it be better to crate it downstairs and check up on it every 3 or so hours at night?

3) Do you have any recommendations for toys/things to buy for the puppy?

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