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Switching food...I think I made my descion

So I have to switch Samsons food (another post) bc we moved. I think I have decided to rotate between Orijen adult and Acana regionals, bc even though he is a year old I think some others (Wellness Core, Merrick) have to high calcium/phosphorus levels. I have never done rotation before what is every ones recommendations. Also, right now he eats 7 cups of food a day of Fromms adult gold. I tried cutting back when he turned 1 last month but he lost a lot of weight fast (I brought him to vet and he was clean for parasites and worms). I wish I could afford all Orijen but I cant touch reginal red or 6- fish (the adult is top budget) So I don't want to feed him too much Orijen as I know that can make his stool soft but I am still trying to put weight back on him from him loosing so much. Thanks for the help. Sorry for repeating some of my last post but this is a different topic and I wanted to explain things.
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