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I have never had a dog bloat, but I have heard that if a dog starts to show signs of gas that you might be able to relieve that by giving them some gas-x. Look into it as I have never needed to use it yet. Probably a good idea to know how much to use. Activated charcoal I think can help with this, it can also neutralize some poisons -- not sure of how to use that though, so again, good to look it up and find out how to administer. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to induce vomiting.

Of course having it on hand when you call your good 24 hour clinic and tell them that your dog got into some rat poison makes it easier for them to tell you what to do.

Vitamin K helps blood clot. If the dog did get into rat poison or eats a poisoned rat, giving them vitamin K and keeping them calm will help the dog not bleed to death. Again, it is something you might have on hand, and your 24 hour clinic can then tell you weather or not to give it to the dog, and when.

Of course, I have the 24 hour clinic's number on speed dial, but having hard copy where you know where it is, means that when you really need it, it isn't stuck in your uncharged or broken phone.

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