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While the dogs in this case were in cramped conditions to be sure, it does not say that their physical condition was terrible. I wonder how long the dogs were boarded there. Whether this was a less than adequate solution to a temporary problem.

I mean, if the man's house had burned down, and he was waiting for the insurance to settle so that he could rebuild his house/kennel. We really don't know. How much does a long-time employee at a vet clinic make? Enough to support forty dogs, even with an occasional litter here and there? If he got evicted, is it reasonable that he could buy or rent somewhere that could provide adequate housing for the dogs?

How many litters are we talking about. 40 GSDs could be a litter of 10 5 week old puppies, a litter of 8 seven week old puppies, and 22 other dogs of various ages. It's a lot of dogs, and a lot of dogs to board.

I think the vet was probably being understanding that his long-time employee didn't have the resources to move them all. But it doesn't make it right to have 3 full-sized dogs in one crate, and dogs stuck in crates that are too small for them to stand.

It sounds like the guy managed to home some of them himself, and was able to keep some of them. He is probably not a monster, probably life happened and he became overwhelmed.

It will be interesting to hear if anything else comes out on this.

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