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Dog First Aid Kit

We are getting ready to take Ollie on his first big camping trip and I was thinking we probably ought to have a First Aid kit for him. For some reason I never thought about this with our first dog, but he was an old soul even when he was young and never strayed too far from my side. He really didn't get into trouble ever.

Ollie on the other hand, is a **** on wheels kind of dog combined with being only a year old. He managed to sit on a cactus on a hike earlier this spring. There were no other cacti around, but he managed to find THE ONE and plop down right on it. Luckily I had a handkerchief in my pack and wrapped it around my hand to pull out the spines.

So what should I put in Ollie's first aid kit? My list so far:

Tick key
Vet Wrap
Bug spray
Small Towel
ear cleaner
Skunk shampoo mix
Extra of all his usuals (leash, poop bags, water bowl, treats)

In addition this trip will be camping on the Oregon coast so if any of you locals have any heads up about things to watch out for, please let me know. I'm already worried Ollie will be the dog that wants to eat star fish and banana slugs.
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