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While color ought to be the last thing you consider when getting a dog, if you are set on the black and tan saddle pattern, have you considered a German Showline dog? Many German showline dogs have SchH1 and SchH3 titles.

What is more important is what you want to do with the dog, what kind of training or work you are planning on doing, how much time you are planning to spend regularly training/working with your dog, how active your family is, and how much time your dog is likely to be hanging out at home while the family is working, going to school, going to extra-curriculars.

All lines have dogs of excellent temperaments, and all lines have dogs that would fair well in homes that are less and more active. These are the things you need to discuss with the breeder so they can match you with a puppy that is best suited for your family. If a litter has 10 puppies and 8 of them would be suitable for your situation, and 3 of them are B&T than you can choose between the B&Ts, but if you have a litter of 4 puppies and three are sables, the worst thing you can do is pick the black and tan simply because of its color.

In a show line litter you are more likely to run into B&R but again, if your situation, expectations for what you want to do with the dog, really is more suited to working lines, then plan on a sable, and be pleasantly surprised if a B&T is one of the dogs that would work well for you.

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