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Feeling like I'm being TOO mean?

Hi everyone, just got my pup on Saturday and we are adjusting pretty well. So far potty training is going well and he will go almost any time he is outside, and so far haven't had any accidents today

He's getting more comfortable around the house, which I'm happy he is, but now he is getting to be quite mouthy with everything. I feel like I am constantly following him around telling him "NO!" and then giving him toys which he seems to be bored with already. Am I being too harsh? Surely it can't be good to run around constantly telling him no?

Another area where I'm afraid I messed up, just took him outside and he peed in the grass so I told him good boy and gave him a few head pats. Then he walked around a little bit and pooped, and before I could praise him for it he started eating it, go figure. So my initial reaction was to yell "NO!" which I did, and it got his attention, but now I am afraid he thinks I was scolding him for going to the bathroom outside. Did I mess up horribly?

Side now, I am obviously a first time puppy owner
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