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Originally Posted by placeshifter View Post
Also, she's been biting and chewing shoes, bed frames, carpets, wires, and other items when she gets excited in the US. With the bed frame and other stationary objects, I always push her firmly away with a "NO". Sometimes she falls to her side and then lies with her belly exposed when I push her like this.
What you are doing here is scaring the day lights out of her. You don't want to do that. You want to be firm, but not to the point that she's falling over and completely submitting to you. Check yourself. You are either being too loud or too rough or possibly both at the same time.

You want her to chew. Her baby teeth are getting ready to come out and her adult teeth and budding. Her teeth and gums are really bothering her. She also learns by using her mouth. Chewing isn't bad. Chewing the WRONG things are bad. So instead of scaring her by pushing and hollering, tell her firmly 'No' and then give her something that belongs to her that she can chew on. So you are telling her, "No, you can't chew on my table, but you can chew on this toy." It is called 'redirecting'.

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