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Default Did I traumatize my puppy?

She had not been cleaned in 8 weeks so on her 3rd day at my home, I gave her a gentle puppy shower using treats to keep her still.

She was calm with the body but started crying, whimpering, and hiding when the water went over her face.

After that, I took a shower while I let her out, and she was crying and whimpering outside for a few minutes.

I know they're most sensitive at this stage. Is this going to traumatize her? She seemed very curious to go right back into the bathroom and shower (once the shower was off) so she doesn't seem to scared of the room.


Also, she's been biting and chewing shoes, bed frames, carpets, wires, and other items when she gets excited in the US. With the bed frame and other stationary objects, I always push her firmly away with a "NO". Sometimes she falls to her side and then lies with her belly exposed when I push her like this.

Is this bad to do? I don't want to make her aggressive as she grows up but I don't know any other way to get her to stop these things as she will not take a toy when she has her jaws glued to the bed mattress for example.

Thank you.
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