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Originally Posted by Steve Strom View Post
Can you hold it on your left shoulder with your right hand? Or put it under your arm? Try going back to one step, sit, and drop it to her? Everything on a line in the correct position, then throw it a couple of times. Does that make sense?
Wellllll I could have :/ if I hadn't already trained her not to look at it, when she moved in the the fuss position she sorta pops up and mouths my hand- she has always done this, with or with out a toy or treat BUT he does not look at the toy or my hand I worked really hard on her when she was a bit younger using the Michael Ellis method and trained her to not look at my hand or the toy... Then I saw videos of people using the toy under there arm (got awesome head position it seemed) so I tried it- no luck! I did it probably 5 sessions, even dropping the ball down, she always looked very surprised as it would hit her in the head -__- hahah

Do you think that she may not heel as well if she sees the ball isn't in my hand?

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