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Extremely New Owner.

Hello, I am a new and extremely worried new owner. (:
Today my family added one more to the craziness. A little GSD boy.. He doesn't even have a name yet. It's probably been 7 or 8 hours since he's been here. (Might be a lengthy post, so you can skip to the cute pictures (; )
I already knew my grandmothers neighbor had a litter of puppies a while back, but today the neighbors son walked over and asked if I wanted one.. As in they were just giving them away to anyone.. I was confused and furious. I live in a terrible neighborhood for free dogs. Or dogs left outside. There's been a fighting problem around here lately. So I definitely got choked up thinking of all these puppies being used for bait.. SO, the first thing I did was contact Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas who instantly started working to find fosters for them. Tomorrow I'm going to speak to the owner, hoping he will relinquish all the puppies to me. Then get them transported to Dallas!
Through all the craziness, I took a pup home.. He has been my favorite since I watched his mom give birth to him.. He was extremely matted and covered in stickers. I have an appointment set up for him to make sure everything is alright under all his fluff. I was thinking, Rambles?

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