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Originally Posted by Steve Strom View Post
Looks like you're doing a lot of good work with her Liz and she's enjoying it. I'd avoid the ball in your right hand though. I know a point can be made that it shouldn't matter. You only mark or reward when she's correct, etc.. but when you go out to do the full routine and that reward isn't coming,,,,,,

She could start wrapping and crowding looking for it over there. Some dogs, maybe that wouldn't happen but it would be easier to just avoid it and keep the ball always on your left.
Sure! I totally see your point, I'm really only able to keep her looking the way I want for a few steps right now until she drops her head to check her footing or she forges, so I'm trying to keep the reward super handy for now, sometimes I do throw it over her shoulder though, not always forward, it just seems to build her drive and produce a bouncier/happier looking heel if she gets that long chase to the ball. I think once I can get her going a bit longer (10 steps?) I can have more time to get her ball out, haha I'm still not as fast as I should either

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