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Exclamation Rescue GSD behavior, PLEASE HELP moved to gen beh

Hey everyone, I posted on here like 2 weeks ago after I rescued a year old GSD, slowly but surely he has come out of his shell and is crazy little boy and getting happier and happier he has a home. Thanks for all the tips and what not, we have bonded a lot more than i would of thought in two weeks.

BUT, today at the dog beach he was running around and ran up to a little dog, a shih tzu I believe, and the little guy didnt wanna play with him. Gunny, my dog, tried to play with him again, than grabbed the little guy by his scruff and kinda flung him... I immediately yelled his name and yelled no, he looked stunned like he had no idea what he did wrong, he did not chase the dog as it ran off but kinda of put his head down as I walked towards him.

At no point did he aggressively bark or growl or act out like that. I put his leash on him and made him sit for 5 minutes.

When he plays with bigger dogs he does sometimes grab their scruff and than the other dog gets mad and he looks at them like "what I thought we were playing" And often when he gets excited he does bark at random people an pull on his leash. I should mention I have two cats and completely ignores them, I havent had one incident with even chasing the cats if they run by him, both of them arent very fond of him.

So any insight would be great. This is my first rescue GSD but I did have two growing up, we just got them as puppies.
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