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If you kennel your dog when you travel. . .

We've had our adopted-from-the-military dog for a year now -- he's three -- and we've used the local kennel which is small and family-owned and run. Clientele seem extremely loyal to the owner. She does both daycare and overnight and the yards are set up in a way that a few dogs can hang out together during the day, but they get their own run at night.

Even though the kennel seems fine, leaving my dog is so hard for me. . . it's almost ruining my trips. We've left him twice before, but only overnight. This time we're leaving for four nights which I know sounds like nothing, but it's tearing me up.

My dog comes from the military where he was semi-ignored (low work drive) and had never been in a house -- part of me is afraid he thinks we're abandoning him. I take his blanket, his bowl, his ball and a huge bone.

I try to remind myself that my two boys love to go places and do things -- and we're going as a family. But it's so hard to leave my dog at the kennel and my kitty at home. (Kitty gets a pet sitter and a teen to come in and cuddle.)

If you successfully leave your dog -- how do you do it? What do you tell yourself to make it more pleasant for yourself?

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