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DDR lines for family companion or not??

New member who has spent many hours poring through the archives and reading up on threads like "genetic obedience" & "iceberg breders" etc.

I intend to get a GSD later this year and am trying to do my homework so I can select the right breeder. But I am only looking for a family companion and possibly do some obedience, so no schutzhund or other sport work.

And I'm a novice owner (and have kids) so I'm not interested in a drivey or dominant dog, just a calm, stable, moderate dog. With a BIG off switch.

However, I am VERY confused.

On threads like the "Genetic Obedience" one, the old DDR herding lines are praised for what they bring to the table in terms of biddability and obedience. They are also considered affectionate, handler soft & pack oriented. Many threads said these are what you want for a good companion as they are stable even dogs. So thats good!

Though I was surprised by this as I though those dogs were used for border protection as they were bred to be more aggressive in general.

But then I have come across some posts where experienced posters on the forum say DDR dogs are not for novice handlers, that they are too much:
Late Bloomer?

So all of a sudden I find myself back at square one, are DDR dogs good for novices or not?
Or do I go for WGSL, but then where do I find old herding lines in WGSL? (plus I hate the roach back).

Also where do I find breeders who are breeding non-extreme drive DDR dogs?

I fear that even a lower drive dog in some of these sport breedings may be too much for me. And whilst there are lots of breeders for schutzhund I am not seeing any breeding for "family companion" (in fact I fear this is a dirty word and by saying this I may be scorned & get the weakest pup in the litter).

After spending literally hours a day going through the archives I find myself more confused than ever wondering what lines and which breeders?

Is it supposed to be so difficult? I'm almost ready to throw in the towel!
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