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Default Best Meats to Look for in a Dog Food?

I went to the Dog Food Advisor website and went through all of their "overviews" of 5 star dogs foods and I made a list of the foods that didn't have any "questionable ingredients." This is that list:

Acana Regional’s Grain-Free
Canidae Grain Free Pure
DNA Dog Food (Dehydrated)
Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Dog Food
EVO Dog Food
Great Life Grain Free
Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free
Holistic Blend Grain Free
Honest Kitchen Dog Food (Dehydrated)
Nature’s Logic
Nutram Grain Free Dog Food
Pioneer Naturals Grain Free
Primal Freeze-Dried Formula (Freeze-Dried)
Sammy Snacks Ancestry Dog Food
Timber Wolf Platinum
Tuscan Natural Carne Dog Food
Wysong Uncanny Dog Food (Dehydrated)
Ziwi Peak Daily Dog (Dehydrated)

Besides that fact that I've never heard of half of these, none of them have bison, deer or any other "exotic" meats high on the list. I had always wanted to see how my dogs react to those.
This brings me to my question. What meats are the best for your dog?
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