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Goobye Bogey pup

I'm 56 years old, had a GSD all of my life, and yesterday was the first time I had to have a dog put to rest. He was the best dog that I have ever had, and I'm not just saying that. This is the hardest I've ever taken the loss of a best friend.

I have never given a dog chocolate, but Bogey got a mini snickers bar and a couple of puperonis, his favorite treat, before he went to sleep.

The vet came to my home. Bogey laid on his favorite couch, and I held him and looked into his eyes and he drifted off. I wanted to be the last thing he saw.

I know I don't hardly ever post here, but I just had do this small memorial to my sweet Bogey pup. Rest in peace dear boy, and look for me at the bridge.


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