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What a morning with a angry dog

Ahhhh, making brekky this morning with my sheps ( my border collie was outside going pee) and I heard a scuffle, went out to find a bully mix locked in a good ol sunday morning throw down with my collie. Disclaimer I dont own a bully mix lol so out I went to stop him and he turned on me n my so not biting just angry im going to bite you dive bombs. I put mister dexter in the breezeway and corralled him to one spot after struggling to not get bit, the unknown dog fleed and squeezed his angry little butt in between the fence and dissappeared. Dexter has no marks on him, im very lucky ty was inside because if he wasnt he would have ended the unknown males life. This has all happened after my washer dryer crapped out on me this to the depot to get fence fixing supplies and some cool new machines lol urgh. My fence I thought was secure ( its 6 ft plus tall hedges along the back) but there was a gap that I was unaware off behind the shed and the hedges were the wire fence meets the wooden one. Its a small gap that will be secured today. I dont want any more visit from angry pants

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