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How many hours does your puppy sleep?

I just brought home a 8 week old GS puppy.

She's still in the process of house-training, learning to get used to a leash, and learning basic sit command.

She basically acts like a ***** cat inside (curls up on my foot, rests, and sleeps). She basically sleeps most of the day except for brief play periods outside of around 10-15 minutes every couple of hours.

Outside, she's a bit wild, biting, nipping at the ankles, chasing the kids to bite at their feet and legs, and I'm only able to get her to sit and stay for a few seconds using kibble rewards.

How much exercise does she need to get per day and is this behavior fairly normal (calm and relaxed indoors and wild outdoors)?

How many hours should they be sleeping at this age?
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