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"Barbering"??? Anyone heard of this nervous habit?

I received a new name for my 10 month old, unaltered GSD's behavior this week - A behavioral vet diagnosed him with 'Barbering' and says that it's due to anxiety. I posted here a few weeks ago before the official "diagnosis" and a lot of posters called it 'flea biting', an affectionate behavior toward packmates.
It's a bit more serious, I guess. It's considered 'barbering' when the dog's nips do not cause pain, but actually remove hair on another dog, causing a bald spot. I was told to get Adaptil collars and atomizers to reduce his anxiety and attempt to discover the root of the anxiety.
My trainers tell me this all makes sense because he was highly distracted as a puppy and they observe "moderate" anxiety in him, judged by his occasional whining. (I thought all shepherds whined?)
I am wracking my brain trying to determine the source of his perceived anxiety without success. He only "barbers" the dogs in daycare, not his two packmates at home. I have stopped taking him to daycare.
He is an otherwise happy, healthy boy. Loves kids, people, and other dogs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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