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I am anti BSL. In my city, the pound is full of pitbulls and more are euthanized every day. It is horrible. CL is also full of people trying to sell puppies and rehome them. I had one abandoned in my backyard at my old residence. He was a friendly boy. The neigbor's three pitbulls attacked him and he was all cut up. I had to call the pound, I couldn't keep him as I had five kitties living in my house and an anti pitbull roommate. He still haunts me. He was the sweetest boy. I wish I would have called some friends to see if they could foster, but I was panicked from the dogfight. The boy wasn't aggressive at all to the other dogs. I had to spray my neigbor's dog with a hose to get him off the poor, skinny pup. He was probably euthanized.

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