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I'm against any kind of bans. I don't have a problem with any breed, my problem lays with the people who get certain breeds and use that breed for not so good things. It's very rare that we will hear good things about pit bulls, so of course they come off as a vicious breed. The reality of it is that there are so many pit bulls or "mixes" that even though the number for attacks by them seem high, it's not because if how many there are. For example a local animal shelter has 1500 dogs, 95% of those are pit bulls, all tested and ready for a home. I was just talking to a vet tech that had a beautiful pit bull puppy, the pup is 10 weeks old. She was dropped off at the clinic at two weeks old because the owner didn't know that pit bulls could have female puppies and they didn't want any females, those are the kind of people that shouldn't own any dog.

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