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When I read some of the numbers of fatal attacks by pitbulls, and the grievous injuries, there is a part of me that sympathizes with those who want to ban them.

Owners need to be more responsible when they own breeds that are capable of doing serious damage. And it just seems like over and over and over again, the owners fail.

Shepherd owners have to get on their people too. We shouldn't be so understanding when dogs get out of the yard, or when they threaten the mailman, when they chew on kids. We need to start pounding on people to keep their dogs contained, to manage their dogs properly, to train their dogs, etc.

Because there are pit bulls out there, GSDs look almost tame. But if they get rid of the pits. Then it will be Rotties and GSDs and Mals that appear to have lots more serious bites, injuries, deaths than other breeds. Because those graphs can be perfectly true and correct, but can be manipulated to look terrible.

Owners have to get smart. If owners can't be smart, then someone has to protect the public. EVERY bite, every loose dog, every attack on livestock, every attack on another dog is really, really bad for all of us.

If they ban a dog breed or dogs over a certain weight, or whatever, I would hope that they would grandfather in existing dogs, given they are altered or become altered within so many days, and they are properly registered and licensed.

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