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How old is she? If she's younger I would hold off on the visits until she matures more and shows you her adult self. I don't think it's a *huge deal, if this is a one time only thing. But if you are talking about therapy work (visiting hospitals etc) you need to share this information with them, get their guidance, and maybe hold off. It's one thing if she's only in your house "just" being a's another if you are hoping to do therapy work with her. I'm not saying it would be ignored if it was "only" a pet dog, but it needs to be scrutinized more because of what you want to do with her. imho. When I worked in hospice they had therapy dogs come in often (mostly labs and goldens), you just have to be relaly careful. The last thing you want to do is scare the bejeebus out of some older person, or worse, have a bite. Not meaning to sound dramatic, just be careful and make sure you talk with the hospice and your trainer (or whoever is assisting you to do this work). Good luck.
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