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Question My girl growled at someone today, not sure what to make of it-

My 20 mo. old female GSD has always loved everyone, but today she did something totally out of character and I am not sure what to think.

We are able to hike w/her off leash and always put her in a down, off to the side of the path so that people can see ahead of time that she is under control. This has always worked well and people nearly always comment on how well behaved she is.

We were out hiking and came upon 2 men w/2 young girls. After putting my dog in a down and visiting with them for a moment, one of the girls asked to pet her. I said yes and put my dog into a sit.

My dog growled as she approached, so I immediately stopped her from coming any closer. My dog has NEVER growled at anyone! Then one of the men approached and my dog barked and ran around behind my husband.

My dog never moved toward them as if to bite, but this is SO out of character for her that I am not sure how worried to be about her reaction.

How would you handle this? I don't want to make any excuse that something must have been 'off' with these people, but it took us totally by surprise that she would act this way.

My dog has her CGC and TD and we are supposed to meet with a hospice coordinator this week to begin visits, now I'm not so sure......

Any advice?
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