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The Ban debate (BSL).

Alright, im on the fence about the ban, i dont know if i support it or not, part of me sees a child on tv torn to shreds and dead because of a so called Pitbull attack and i think "holy crap thats disgusting..eww Pitbulls" then the rest of the story shines thru and its always the same "un neutured male pitbull wearing a 4 inch spike collar blah blah blah" and i think well jeeze look at the type of owner that is. Then i see pitbulls in tutu's sleeping beside baby ducks and i think "aweeee what a cutie!!", i cant find a reason to support the antiban or be on board with it, i dont dislike them infact my bestie has a 13 year old pitbull he has been thru 5 children and never has had one incident Trippy is amazing, smart calm and loving, then again jen got him thru her friends that had the parents and also had the grandparents, they were all good natured dogs that were taken care of.

Frankly its not as if the ban has worked, we took tyson to his last ob class months ago and afterwards the trainer has a dog social thing she does and on our way out we met a young pittbull, angry growling the owner had it muzzled and was screaming stand back at everyone, not to mention the countless pittbulls that make it thru rescues all the time here.

So, as of right now i dont have a solid opinion on the ban..i know i dont dislike any breed but im not on board with the whole "always the owners " default statement (and that is for every breed) ..

What does everyone else think?
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