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New Here.

Hey ya'll, as you can see I am just starting out on this forum. My name is Cassidy and I'm 16-years-old getting ready to purchase my first GSD ever. I've always wanted one and after tons of research regarding their health, grooming, and personalities, I found a breeder and will be getting my puppy in July. I joined this forum because I am still curious about this breed and can hopefully get advice so I can raise my GSD right the first time. I do have some questions right now and I hope we can know each other better.

What are the pros and cons to socializing your puppy?- I know that you should socialize your puppy so it doesn't become a mad dog as it ages, but I also don't want a dog that will just wag its tail when someone breaks into my house. Is there such thing as socializing your puppy too much?

Negative or positive training?- There are two dog trainers around my area. One is a positive trainer, the other is a negative trainer. Both trainers are highly experienced, but I there are sayings that negative training weakens the bond between you and your dog.

Male or female?- What are the differences between a male and female? I read that females are more protective, but males are more aggressive towards strangers. I also heard that males are more affectionate to their owners than females. I am a very cuddly person and would want a dog that loves to snuggle and not be independent toward me.

Is the price right? The price I'm paying for my GSD is $1,200. I want to make sure I'm not being ripped off. Both of the GSD parents where I getting my puppy from have great personalities(though the female is a little on the hyper side). They have passed various training classes and are friendly dogs. My only concern is the female has a under bite and she has a tiny percent of inbreeding in her pedigree.

Here's the female- Miss Ella von Morgen Haus

Here's the male- Apollo vom Stormie's Zwinger

If you guys can answer this, I'd be grateful.
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